Why did you choose Finance not marketing?

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cause finance is baller

because I wanted to be surrounded by sausages instead of generally attractive women.

in marketing you use the four Ps and influence people

in finance, you hold a company by the heart, see how it beats and capitalize on that passion

Wow, if I was interviewing you and you told me that, I would leave the room.

Ain’t that the truth. Went to some charity event my company bought tickets to and everyone there was in marketing. About 75% were female.

I would too - the words are just speechless, hanging brilliantly in the air. To give them dignity, one should leave.

My marketing professor once broke down 100% pie chart into sum of 50% 45% and 25% parts right in front of us. I decided marketing people were not my people.

Aren’t most of those that claim to be “in finance” actually in sales and marketing?

I’m not good looking and female. I don’t have a wicked jump shot. And I failed when slinging crack rock. So I dusted myself off and went to work on Wall Street like the rest of the desparate schmucks.

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oh no please don’t - we don’t need any more marketing majors … this life of soft psychological messages sent through many forms in many medians, with the sirens singing ‘buy me’. you need me. over and over again.

Sounds like a job at the Fed.

It is worth noting that marketing is not the same as sales, although the goal of marketing is related to sales.

Embarrassing, I did choose marketing, but now I’m in finance.

Can confirm a marketing degree is total nonsense; not only is the “knowledge” even more made up than economics, but you’ll never get a job. Finance is practical.

Geez, it is already hard enough to make it in Finance. Marketing??? I doubt if I could make a living with that.


Accounting FTW!!!

Being an financier no different than being a rugby player or construction worker, save for the fact that my tools are the mechanisms which trigger human emotion.