Why do I feel...

every question i read, I do not know how to do it. help!!!

Take a break, it helps clearing your mind. A short break, like a couple of hours or so. See a stupid movie. You might get out before it ends, but it helps clearing thoughts.

Map is right, just control your stress and anxeity level. It will help you think MUCH more clearly.

That is why I went to Target yesterday. For real, I don’t know how you all study for hours and hours on end. I max out at about 2-3 hrs and need a good break.

My husband has no life:) If I have none, so must he:)) I spent an entire afternoon a couple of Sundays ago explaining the indirect CFO:)) I had a lot of fun, he was puzzled:))

I work all kinds of explanations into conversations with my husband too. 5 mins in, glazed over takes effect. map, I wish you would have had that conversation with ME!