Why do i keep getting 3.95 ?

What am in missing here? i keep getting 3.95 Mock ques 93 Max[0, 29 – 25/(1.05)3/12] = 4.30

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but check your order of how you do the calculations. Do this: 1.05^.25 = 1.01227 25/1.01227 = 24.6969 29-24.6969 = 4.30

AHH i feel so stupid i kept thinking that 29-25 was written like (29-5)/(1.05)3/12… ARGGGGGG dumb mistake better to happen now than on the test

Thanks for the help

No worries! I’ve made a lot of order of operations mistakes in practice questions, you just have to be careful.