Why do Latin American men wear so much gold jewelry?

Everytime I go to Miami, I see more middle aged cuban and south american men with gold necklaces and bracelets. It looks pretty ridiculous. Wear a watch and thats it, for God’s sake, sin verguenzas!

These are generally lower class people or people who came from lower class and got into some money some how. It looks pretty ghetto I agree but it’s largely the uneducated population who feel the need to show off a better status some how…but they’re doing the opposite.

I feel like 90% of Miami has less than a 10 grade education and can’t speak either Spanish nor English correctly.

“can speak neither Spanish nor English correctly”

Eh. A lot of people do this sort of thing in different ways. Some people buy gold. Others buy Porsches or get hair plugs.

It all started with Scott Hall in the early 90s.