Why does CFAI constantly add/remove questions from online question bank?


As the topic says, I am wondering why CFAI constantly revises and adds/removes questions from the CFAI online question bank? To my knowledge they have only been removing questions rather than adding or revising. I logged in last week and there were about 3500 questions in the bank, and this week it is 3100. Does this mean the questions removed from the online bank are pooled as potential real-exam questions?

Thank you for your time all.

No they don’t pull from that question pool. If it were that simple, it would not have such a low pass rate.

Don’t worry about any changing number of questions, and instead focus on taking several mock exams as you close in on your exam date. Including the CFA mock exam(s) for L1 in your candidate resources there.

Cheers - good luck - you got this👍

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My best guess is that they remove questions that are no longer relevant for the current exam sitting.
This happens because of changes in the syllabus, for example.

Hello Greybeard,

Thank you for your response. I understand, thank you for the kind words, will do my best for sure.

To be honest I am learning much more from practice questions than any mock. Mocks are purposely confusing and it’s more of a gauge of where you lie as opposed to what techniques you don’t know. I don’t know, just my opinion.

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Greetings again my friend!

For learning, the CFA ecosystem multiple choice questions are great.

But in the final weeks I would recommend switching to mocks and doing several of them. I typically did all the CFA ecosystm MCQs (or as many as I could tolerate) up to 4-6 weeks before the exam date. Then I switched to solely mocks. The plan is not to ace all the mocks, but to take many of them and diligently study all the questions you get wrong. That’s how to come in with a great basis, in my experience at least.

The reason for this is exactly as you’ve pointed out. The mocks are trickier in their wording. That is also how the exam will be written, in that trickier style. So the key to success, in my personal opinion at least, is to take enough mocks to get fluent in that trickier style and to learn the clues and command words the Institute typically drops into similar topic question setups, so you can more easily decode and answer everything. It’s not the first step of the study process surely, but it will greatly help I think if it’s your final step. Otherwise there is a risk when the exam comes, no matter how much you studied, the wording and different complexity level can frustrate you on the most important day.

Having said that, Level 1 is the most “linear” of the 3 levels so you might be able to pull it off with just MCQ practice questions. But it’s a much lower risk if you spend at least a few weeks doing practice mocks instead of the less nuanced MCQ question bank pool. Totally up to you of course.

Cheers - good luck - you got this👍

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Thank you so much Greybeard for the detailed reply. You are absolutely right, nothing will simulate exam day better than mock exams. I will do mocks for sure, right after i nail the question bank 1 or 2 more times.

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It’s good to do those practice questions. I find that on average they are harder than what you will typically find on the exam, so if you are able to ace the practice, you have a good chance to do well on the actual exam.