why does FINRA require firm sponsorship for various series licenses?

I understand that the licenses are mostly useless if you are not affiliated with a registered firm but why not allow people to take and pass the exams to have the license provisionally untill joing a broker dealer, bank, whatever?

i think there I a valid legal issue with this that I could potentially sue FINRA for not allowing me to take the exam, because with my “specialized skills” I am excluded from job opportunities requiring the examination which “proves” mastery of a field thereby depriving me of the ability to earn a living.

practically, I could deposit 5k tomorrow at a “prop shop” and they would sponsor me to take the exams to be licensed to work as a market maker and just leave after receiving the license, it’s a cop-out to the process, but im more interested in the legal aspect of if there is a basis for a lawsuit? what precedent is there in other industries?

I think it’s something to do with sponsorship or member status in FINRA. FINRA is an industry sponsored organization. So, you have to join a FINRA member company to be eligible for certification under Series X.

An extending Ohais argument, they have more control and influence as a result.

Yes, FINRA is a membership, they can dictate the rules.

Also, you wouldn’t have to deposit anything. Just go join up with Ameriprise. They’ll hire anyone. You’d have to pay for the exams yourself, but they’ll sponsor you.