Why does Google Finance keep ticking after the bell?

For example: Right now if you go to google finance it and look up AAPL you will see 565.25 but then it will start ticking after a few seconds even though the market is closed.

These ticks are different than the numbers on the afterhours thing below.

Are these orders still left to clear? Why is 565.25 the final price and not these? Thanks!

This seems to happen for about 15 minutes after the bell.

It could be a couple of reasons:

Some stocks are delayed for 15 minutes on the quote you get from publicly available (free) sources. Usually it is smaller cap stuff and not the AAPL’s of the world.

Google might just be slow (as distinct from a delayed quote for an AMEX stock as above).

It could be that the market makers are reporting ticks that happened right at the very end of the day and there is some delay in routing those.

Sort of all the same issue but basically it just takes a few minutes (or 15) to true everything up. After hours trading is a different animal.

Right that makes sense. I thought we weren’t in the 90’s anymore and these things were more or less realtime.

I’ve never really had any need for realtime quotes before. But since this option was just a smidge out of the money it was important to me.

The final price of 565.25 was set though the moment the bell rang on both my broker and google finance. It was just google finance where it then started to tick again but would always start with 565.25 everytime I refreshed the page. I’d noticed it before but never really cared.

Not sure, but technically you may not be in the clear on the puts (assuming that’s why you’re asking) - afaik you have until 5:30 PM ET to exercise (might be a broker issue as well). Looks like aapl is trading slightly up in AH though.

Does after hours count for your options?

It’s more of an issue during earnings.

Yes, afaik option holders have the right to exercise until 5:30pm EST (so AH price would matter), regardless of whether it’s ITM or OTM. I’m not sure about the specifics of how this works with each broker though.

I like google finance and yahoo but the message boards crack me up. There are guys who think that what they say on the boards “bashers” or “pumpers” actully impact the share price of 100+ billion market cap companies.

Have you paid for real-time pricing? This would seem to be consistent with the 15-20 minute delay required to make people pay up for real-time pricing.