Why does it take a month+ to grade a Multiple choice test?

Why, in this day and age, does it take over a month to grade a MC test? Don’t they just pop it into a machine? GRE is what…around 100-150 bucks? You get a computer and test results immediately. Considering the amount of money they rake in per test, I would expect a faster turn around time.

LongOnCFA, apparently it takes them a while to come up with the MPS (minimum passing score). This question has been asked dozens of times before and I’m sure a search will turn up a few good answers. Try searching for ‘psychometrician’ for example (this forum, all dates)

lola how was your test. I read some of the post from you and found you were really on the mark. Dinesh, cpk where are you? Hope you all did well too.

hari, I have no idea how I did. It was a lot different than what I expected. Got an email from cpk, I think he did ok, but I can’t speak for him.

How about dinesh?

I think proctors have to file a lot of reports that get investigated. Putting the cards into the machine isn’t that big of problem but I think some tests never make it into the machine…

THey want to sit and make you sweat

You see, only two types of calculators are allowed for the exam. Any use of other types of electronic equipment is prohibited. I believe the examination board is following these rules too and one person sits down with a BA II Plus or a BA II Plus Professional calculator to find the MPS (minimum passing) score using all the individual test scores. You can imagine, this takes time… Just kidding. I think once all the answer sheets have gone through the machine, someone has to go through the problem ones by hand.