Why does the wait seem longer after the L1 and L2 results

The wait surely seems longer after the L1 and L2 candidates have got their results…anyone else feels so… what are you guys doing to make this better

Feels longer because the wait is in fact longer :slight_smile:

Playing a bit of cricket, running a bit and then photography. Trying all this, but in office my mind wanders back to AF and CFA results :slight_smile:

Haha Same here… Its in office that I think about the results and browse AF… Feel better at home. Going to the gym , listening music, watching movies is helping somewhat!

Feelgs longer because by the time you forget all about it, L1 and L2 results pop out again reminding you that YOU are next in 2 weeks.

best of luck guys

me too… every afternoon in office, i tend to look at AF and the results… the wait is excruciating… fingers crossed for the result…

where do we have a CFA society in India , it would be good to join that society (after the positive results ofcourse)

which cities are you guys in … i am in Delhi


I guess they conduct events from time to time in different cities in India…

from Mumbai!

I’m enjoying monsoon out station.

Where are you holidaying TRH?

Sri Lanka!

Because you are so close to the charter.

Good luck!