Why doesn't the govt help Citibank out?

It’s kind of embarassing that a US company has to go everywhere and ask for foreign gov’ts to invest in them.

You think it’s not embarrassing for me to have to buy 2 buck chuck now? Why don’t they help me out?

Because the main motivation behind soverign wealth funds investing in overseas is to support their currency. They used to do this exclusively through buying treasuries, but have recently begun to take more of a core-sattelite approach to managing their portfolio. As such, investing in a Citi or another peer, stills offers them currency diversification; however, this would not occur if the Fed were to start up a SWF and invest in Citi. In fact, with the exception of China, most SWF’s have it in there mandate that they can only hold a minute portion of assests denominated in their own currency…

Because SWFs invest to make money and as ahahah suggests, prop up the currency. Political governments invest to save jobs, maniuplate markets etc.

Because we have a deficit and they have a surplus of selling oil and child sex slaves


I could use an oily sex slave right now. What’s the ticker?

SEX seems to be free…

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Not as embarrassing as having to nationalise a bank because they are the biggest employer in your government’s party’s heartland, as we just have done with Northern cRock.

Northern Rock is another commie fiasco.

mto1985 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Because we have a deficit and they have a surplus > of selling oil and child sex slaves Hey, what’s with the thing about selling oil and sex slaves? Singapore is not engaged in these 2 businesses!