Why don't rich and not so rich economic liberals...

create their own communities? Pool and share their resources, invite people of all walks to join, you know, create their own Nardia. No government, coercion or forced confiscation needed. Everybody would see how great the concept works and everyone would join voluntarily. Funny, I don’t see too many of these communities popping up…

Vote for Bernie, and we can make it happen.

They are called “cities” I believe. I have heard these magical places tend to charge you higher taxes for living there whilst also providing “shared modes of transit” and other benefits.

i’ve been to these places. in some cities, if you get hurt, somebody helps you and you don’t even have to pay!

So these cities pool and share resources to your satisfaction? I would think the Bernie supporters would be going beyond what is forced by the government all on their own? For some reason, that does not appear to be the case. I don’t see anybody creating these utopias without coercion. Strange that you have to be coecred to create paradise.

I’m sure all of you make sure your neighbors live as well as you do and share your wife if the guy next door is lonely. Mental health is important.

No one says everyone must be equal - they generally just say everyone richer than them should be equal to them.

Love how the three zealots’ cognitive dissonance caused them to post immediately and in succession.

You’re mistaken.

“Cities” allow conservatives as well as liberals to be residents. That’s their flaw.

Research the effect of energy costs on the world’s poor (includes death) and the standard of living of most. Unfortunately, the anti-carbon zealots’ motives have nothing to do with making the world a better place. Its all about control and globalism. Can’t say you weren’t warned. New sources of energy will be economical in time. Zero need to slow progress because of some fantastical idea.

New sources of energy already are economical. We can also subsidize them further.

You do realize that makes zero sense. Why do I always imagine you in your mom’s basement?

But they still have to pay the elevated city tax if they wish to reside here. They just complain about it non stop

Because you have fond memories of the place?

What was he doing in your mom’s basement?

^His (palantir’s) Mom.


Yeah, I wasn’t really sure where that was supposed to go.

Yea that didnt really make any sense? Unless he was insinuating that his mother keeps Ghibli on a leash in her basement, and he enjoys wearing lether masks and being paddled. That I might believe, but he would really need to specify that.