Why hasn't the SEC raided Green Mountain Coffee yet?

If anybody from the SEC or FBI or ATF or something reaad that Einhorn report, it’s pretty clear that they are up to no good at GMCR. There are those stories of putting inventory on trucks, driving around the block and unloading the trucks back into the warehouse. This stuff is clearly illegal and in violation of CFAI’s ethical principles. Why hasn’t the governement raided the place? Are they just waiting for after the holidays?

The SEC and CFTC are clearly understaffed and in no way can come close to keeping up with regulating the entire financial system in the US. They’re basically using triage at this point. And given their constraints, some random coffee shop in Vermont is a low priority. Fortunately for us, their budgets are being cut even though they bring in more money than they spend. (Sarcastic)