why I AM buying a house

Because they are cheap and i want a holiday house on the mediterranian

…So I can wear speedos

Are they really cheap? Are you really a budgie snugler?

  1. Its a budgie smuggler and I love doing so. Its so euro trash 2) I believe they are quite cheap Anyone else got any inoput

budgie smuggler = ouch! What’s a budgie doing down there?

I think it is quite right to only undertake kind of activity in private. Public budgie smuggling should be a punishable offence. Even if it is snug.

cheap compared to what, the over inflated prices form 2 years ago. Maybe, compared to 10 years ago, I dunno, depends where you are looking.

croatia, italy, montenegro, etc…

Am I allowed to report a thread for being really idiotic?

Me too! I’ll take a highly leveraged inflation hedge @ a tax deductible 5%. yummy. Signed contract today. Paying a 15% premium on my rent all in :slight_smile: Delicious

they keep this one, and not the tennis one…

its about property this one, whats wrong with that?

I want a holiday house in the Caribbean, but might have to settle for a home first!

so any advice on meditteranian house hunting, anyone…

suffer large idiosyncratic risk but a good inflation hedge

idiosyncratic because of the possibility of wearing budguie smugglers, or something else?

How about Monaco?


Scando, how cheap is cheap? I asked a mate who was involved with property over there, he said Italy, Spain and Greece as there all super expensive. Anyway I reckon other places are way better like Croatia (although starting to get expensive) , Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina are sick but maybe not always as warm. Its not on the med but a joint called Lagos in Portugal is bloody nice.

Yep, im thinking croatia and/or montenegro. Montenegro is just next to croatia, so no temperature problems there. Cheap is no more then 100,000 euros I reckon. Portugal would be good too, I guess, just dont know about that atlantic ocean