Why is everyone defecating all over Schweser, Am i missing something here?

So just did my first CFAI mock (2016) and ripped a 121/180.

I had already done all 4 schweser essays, and scored 91, 104, 104 and 99 out of 180.

Has this been everyone elses experience as well? i found the schwesers to be noticeably harder than the CFAI mocks, which begs the question: why do people seem to hate schweser?

I promise this isnt a Kaplan sponsored add, im merely remarking that I think the schwesers are harder than CFAI and prepare you well. (as a retaker)

or maybe i dont know at all what im talking about??? let me know if yall agree/disagree!

Kaplan AM is too open ended and doesnt give much direction on what the question is asking. So for example, it will ask to identify the biases Jon and Jane have and justify… but it wont give much guidence otherwise.

Now, Kaplan’s live mock is good stuff. They have proper direction. They will do what the test actually does… They give 5 biases and make you circle the ones… Then justify.

Ah TommyJohn, I look forward to welcoming you to the Charter boys club this year :wink:

No Mercy

Here’s another reason: It seems every time I flip to the index in their books THE MOTHER FUCKING WORD I’M TRYING TO LOOK UP PAGE NUMBERS FOR IS NEVER THERE. Like REALLY? You incompetent swines didn’t include “Reverse optimization” in the index?

Look under “Optimization, reverse, 1 each”

I studied all years with Schweser and I don’t have a lot of issues with it. Combining it with BB and CFA EOC questions works perfect for me and covers most of the curriculum.

I have the same impression for Finquiz mocks. Yes, sometimes there are typos in it, but compared to other mocks (and I did quite some), they are the best (detailed and quite heave to do so you need to think).

im just saying bill that whenever some rep from Schweser wants to come on this board and defend their atrocious mistakes they’ve made in publishing study materials I will be RIGHT here with my laundry list of grammatical errors they’ve committed to through the years and otherwise ready to throw elbows.