Why is Qbank useless for Level II?

Also, anything else other than CFAI EOC, CFAI blue boxes, topic tests, and Schweser blue boxes to solve?

Qbank is indeed useless for level 2.

But why?

The questions are not so pertinent, or too easy. I found Qbank way more useful last year for lvl 1 than this year… (but that’s just my opinion!)

It is because it doesnt mirror the exam format and doesn’t help you prepare in that sense

I feel the same way as well

Topic tests however are on another Level

Q-bank feels like a stepping stone to them.

So i guess Q-bank is important nevertheless.

So other than CFAI EOC, CFAI blue boxes, Schweser blue boxes, and topic tests, any other prep questions before doing mocks?

I know some collegues never touched CFA book for all three levels. Only finished all the QBank questions plus the Kaplan Mock and CFA mock and passed all levels for the firt attempt.

I also heard a person never done any mock until the exam day and didnt even do the Question bank and never touched CFA book as well but still passed level 2.

To me, I am not a smart person so I am trying to use all the resrouces including CFA book questions, Question Bank and all the mock. I just want to pass this exam and move on to the next level. So far, I finished 75% Qabnk, all the CFA EOCs and going to finish the Topics ones in two weeks.

I think the QBank has been helping me understand a lot of the concepts and formulas I didnt pay attention to while I was reading. I know the format for the exam is different from many of the Question bank questions but still the main concepts are the same. So i am not going to guess which is more useful or more important to the exam. Everyone has different mehtod of study. But i feel like the key to pass is how well we understand the concepts and retain them in our mind so that we can apply to the questions.

Good luck to us all!

I am using the Qbank to solidify concepts. They dont mirror the exam question but is a very simple and quick way to memorize and practice.

I am doing the questions of each reading from kaplan and CFA. After that some Qbank and CFA institute questions to settle.

Should we just keep doing the same topic tests from CFAI? Is that more helpful?

No, you are studying for CFA2, forget the level 1

I think that’s the intended use for Qbank – learning. . Shwesser’s “Shwesser Practice Exams Volume 1&2” are 6 exam-realistic paper tests.