Why is the 2010 CFAI Mock familiar?

Why have I seen these questions before? Retaker here… I know I’ve seen them somewhere.

crap…I plan on taking it this weekend, but I’ve recently done 2009. Bummer.

All of the 2009 free sample questions are included in 2010 mock. Smart a$$.

^ that sucks. If that’s the case, and they haven’t given us taxes or estate planning in either this year’s samples or mock exam, I’d venture to say it will be on the exam. Anyone else notice some topics that weren’t tested in 2010 samples or mock? Last year for Level 2, I recall them giving an item set on Private Equity where you had to do a lot of VC funding, while the real exam had other smaller parts of the PE section in there. I’m sure they’ll do something like that this year as well.