Why is there a Black Friday?

Why Black Friday exist, but there are neither Latino Wednesday, Asian Monday nor Indian Tuesday? Isn’t this a form of racism?

Yes, in fact, today’s observance of Cyber Monday is highly discriminatory to those people who self identify as cyborgs as well.

Small business Saturday has been body shaming “big” multi-national corporations for too long. I’m sick of seeing these artificial thigh gap expectations everywhere you look these days. That’s not what a real corporation looks like!

You gotta hand it to American companies vying to get consumers. They would think of anything to get people in the door (or camping half the night in front of store wtf).

Nicely played.


So if I wanted to manipulate businesses into creating one of my proposed days what would be a good course of action? Maybe this forums participants have enough brain power to improve the world

What I do not understand is how large sections of NY City can shut down for random parades that are as obscure as “National Tartan Day” or “West Indian American Day”. Are these even real things, and how does one go about making these official city events?


On a related note, I think Trump should declare a national sales tax holiday, to take advantage of rabid consumer culture and 10y high consumer confidence. If the consumer stands to save 8% on sales tax, they are likely to go overboard and spend 30% more than usual on that day.

To the previous question, I believe you can declare any kind of celebratory observance, so long as you do not care which organizations endorse or recognize that occasion. For instance, if Dunkin Donuts declares that November 28th is henceforth “National Doughnut Day” and promotes that in their marketing, no one can really dispute that.

I support the thigh gap, as I think Trump does. Make America Great Again!

Isn’t every day a national sales tax holiday (unless you live in Canada)?

Isn’t the whole month of February enough?

Why is it a ‘White Christmas’?