Why.....Level 2 curriculum is very similar to last year's Level 1 ?

Wh Level 2 curriculum is very similar to last year’s Level 1 , I have noticed many similarities between them ! I’m afraid that I did not understand the intended ! is there any explanation for this? indecision

L2 covers many of the same topics as L1, but goes into greater detail, particularly in financial statement analysis. You’ll see.

Agree with ohai and the way they ask questions is very different.

You must be reading the first SS of FRA. It is rather like Level I. But wait until you get into post retirement benefits, multinational operations and business combinations. You’ll have a lot of fun with that!

I was thinking the same thing alzayats. Why do they copy such large components of Level 1. I mean ethics is nearly identical apart from the bottom end of it i.e soft dollar etc…Equity’s only difference is residual method, private co valuation…the first part and last part of FRA are the same. These are only parts I’ve so far covered, however skimming through other topics I see so many similarities.

so the answer is more detailed…Deeper questions…Significant failure rate. :frowning:

Lv1 gets ur feet wet with concepts so when Lv2 comes your not like wtf is this. Lv2 digs into depth on those concepts and how to apply them.

I think this explains the complaint by who failed the exam that schweser alone is not enough ,and the hybrid approach ( Schweser and CFAI) is the best.

The topic focus on Level I is on investment tools, the topic focus on Level II is on asset valuation, and the topic focus on Level III is on portfolio management. The learning focus also changes, from knowledge and comprehension (Level I), to application and analysis (Level II), to synthesis and evaluation (Level III). Point is… Topics Remains the same. Learning focus changes.

alzayats, do you mind sharing your study plan, sounds like you did a lot of research. I plan to use the hybrid approach as you mentioned. Not sure if I have time for all the EOC question of CFAI curriculum.

my study plan - read Schweser - answer all EOC - answer all Schweser Qp :slight_smile: i hope - mocks as much as u can Here are some great tips http://post.nyssa.org/nyssa-news/cfa-prep-podcasts/

Great link, bookmarked. Based on the author, I should have started in September 2011 and read CFAI book and taking notes… That’s the ideal situation. I am slow in reading and I am sure I’ll get lost if I start reading textbook. I like doing practice questions. If I don’t understand how to solve the question, then go back to read.