Why Lock my threads ?

Just because I’m not a white Canadian and a brown one ?

Turd posts very stupid material and gets away with it while I get my threads locked ?

This is breeding hatred . If you really want to fix the problem please avoid discrimination against races.


its ok, I enjoy the abuse. Makes me scrutinize my intuition even more. I’ll tell you this – parts of everything I’ve been talking about over the last year has been pretty darn spot on. The rest will be revealed in due time.

As far as Canada is concerned Trudeau is sh!tting his pants because we’re learning that he played middle man to the U1 treason. He is now Trump’s b!tch, if not in word certainly in deed.

EDIT: STL - don’t lock anything on my account. I’ve learned to take abuse with a smile from the best - Trump. Like him I know all will be revealed when the time is right. At that time I’ll do an AMA to help everyone get their bearings.

I’m woke to you turd, keep on preaching the troof

It’s not like turd is posting up links to CNN or anything like that…

They dont want the truth to get out.

Hey so your prediction about hillary being arrested today hasnt occurred either, making you 0-4. Maybe you wanna make some more predictions though?

VIPs don’t perp walk.