Why logically this test needs to be easy

So countless hours spent analyzing right and wrong answers has led me to prove why the exam needs to be easy in order to separate out those that studied and those that didn’t. Let’s say they make the exam hard and a problem requires you to add A+B+C+D+E to get the answer. The top tier (10%) answer it right. The next tier (10-20%) forget E and are led to a wrong answer choice, etc. In the end, the top tier answer it right along with those that calculated wrong or wildly guessed. In short, the harder the test the more opportunity for the wrong candidate to sneak by.

i agree. i thought about this today too. some guy why doesn’t study every vignette could get lucky while guessing randomly, while guys like us who study their arses off but forget minute details will get it wrong. i guess thats why level 3 has essays, so lucky can’t work 3 times in a row.