Why so many "if" questions this time?

Seem many candidates are coming here and discussing exam questions, still without an agreement? May be we (AFers) are not confident about the exam this time? What do you think?

people is just seeking for sense of security and hope which may help get thru the 10 weeks faster, only to realise that all this fuss is making the wait longer. Come mid August, all this wont matter anymore.

I think the people are calculating their chances whether they will pass or fail. The only way to do this is to ask somebody to provide a reply to the problems they have doudts in. Then, this kind of activity helps us to plan our future lives. Right?

2011 Q3b…this type of question could appear in 2012am, no?

Let’s freez the forum for 9 weeks?

I think the exam was just insane. I think we are not in consensus on any of the 9 + 60 questions that were asked!

This has never happened before, so many “if” questions as the OP mentiones. The CFAI exams are really getting very very difficult these days. It’s more like application of concepts under timed conditions!

Not sure how does a “average” candidate like me pass the exam?

I hope the MPS is like 58% and the pass-percentage is more than 55% (since it’s CFAIs 50th anniversary this year)

there is a difference between difficult tests and just plain ambiguous and conflicting nonsense

.CFAI = amateur hour. $100 M budget and a test that is written by 8th graders hopped up on amphetamines.

Are you kidding? What were you expecting?

^ I thought it would be like those Prometric centers’ open book test man :frowning:

I agree with this 100000000%. I studied my rear end off, was doing well on mocks and Schweser, yet left the exam pissed. Not pissed because of my lack of prep (although I did make a few dumb mistakes that continue to haunt me), I’ve never seen such an ambiguous test. I remember looking at a few questions in the AM and wondering “what in the hell are they asking”? I’m a retaker and while I wasn’t as well prepared for L3 the first time in 2011, the 2011 exam was MUCH more straight forward than this year - both AM and PM. Even if I pass I’ll have a somewhat bitter feeling about the exam itself. If I fail - ouch, I don’t even want to think about the possibility.

When I was practicing the AM’s that CFAI posts on their websites, the 2011 morning was so easy and straightforward, Easier than the 2009 and 2010 AM’s.

I really wished I had went for the 2011