why tech tanking aftermkt??

RIMM close 97.53>> now 77.67 AAPL close 131.93>> now 126.95 is there news?

I’m not sure. It’s tough to know because it’s so hard to see if there is news about those companies. Media doesn’t really like to talk about them.

… alright I found it. Thanks for the sarcasm :wink: I thought there might be some bail-out news I missed apart from the company specific releases.

I’m surprised RIM is getting slaughtered for a solid quarter.

RIMM Research In Motion: Earnings Call Summary (97.53 +0.82) On call the co says ~60% of the net additions in the quarter were by non-enterprise customers and ~42% of their subscriber count base are now non-enterprise users… They co says it expects prepaid to become an increasing part of their business and they will likely break these out separately once they reach critical mass. They continue to grow their presence in indirect channels; they have expanded their presence at WMT, RSH and BBY… They say device ASP in the quarter was ~$344, and they expect ASPs in Q3 to be approximately the same as in Q2… On call the co says in addition to the weak US dollar and tightness on gross margin, they expect even a larger percentage in Q4 to be based on new platforms and therefore expect a slightly lower gross margin again in Q4. Beyond this FY09, they say there are opportunities to work some of the costs out of their new hardware platforms, but as these are expected to be large volume products and they plan to develop future products on these platforms, it is unlikely to improve substantially in FY2010. For modeling purposes beyond Q3 they currently believe it is reasonable to use a growth margin estimate in the mid 40% range… On soft Q3 gross margin guidance, the co says there’s a lot of sector specific trends at play right now where the SmartPhone is really displacing the common cell phone, and their view of it is it is really a time for adoption. They say the new products traditionally have higher volume and you work it down, citing such a rapid product cycle… Co says there could by an easy case that India could be the largest mkt in the world… They expect a total operating expense increase for Q3 of ~11-12% from Q2 levels with R&D increasing ~ 11-12% and sales marketing and administration expensing increasing by ~10-11%. Yet the co says the big ramp in the OpEx spending is really behind them and you will see more normal spending ongoing… The stock is trading at $77.95 in after hours.