Why this forum is so silent ?

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The FRM exams will be held in less than two months and I wonder why this forum is so silent. Less candidates in May ?

I believe most of us uses BT instead of/ in addition to AN. It’s just a guess though. Less candidates compared to CFA must be another reason…

It’s pretty much for the reasons that Krisztina point out.

First, the FRM just isn’t a very popular designation: it’s literally 10x less well-known than the CFA designation. The FRM program attracts fewer candidates, and the candidates that do pursue the FRM can sometimes knock off both of the exams with a couple months of studying.

Second, I think many FRM candidates migrate over to the BT forums, because David Harper (the moderator there) and his sidekick Suzanne will field almost almost any FRM question promptly and provide a thoughtful response. Even when it’s an irritating newbie question that’s been asked a billion times before.

Please kindly advise the website of BT forum. Thank you !

Hi there,

Here you go http://www.bionicturtle.com/forum/



Thank you so much !