Why this?

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US GDP split is c70% consumer services and c30% Manufacturing. Let’s continue to make America great again by bringing manufacturing jobs back to America? But really it’s saying that 70% of consumers are easily manipulated through news channels and social media?

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CNN is the choice for smooth brained individuals.

Why are you watching it?

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Brookings Institution data….not surprising. I’d have to check, but I expect Dems also have higher levels of education.

Figured it out: obstructing progress is bad for GDP.

How can we be certain that GDP isn’t restricting progress. GDP is obviously racist.

Not if you pronounce it “GIDIP” for the sake of unity.

Urban/Rural split between the parties. A US population density map by county will look very similar. A lot of those red counties are very sparsely populated.

The Brookings Institute leans left, but the analysis this is based on seems pretty straight forward.