WHY Tuesday?

Hey guys…

This always bothered me about getting the results. WHY do they release the scores on Tuesday morning? Any significance to this?

My personal preference would be to recieve it on the weekend… Just so that I don’t have to sit in the office ALL DAY after recieving the results… Pass or Fail I don’t like being here and dealing with what I just found out…

But even IF for some reason they don’t want to release the score on a weekend… why not Monday? or Wednesay? Tuesday just seems… really random.

Maybe they want us to have mental strength as well…

they like to see us suffer on the monday when all your coworkers are asking if you are excited and if you think you passed.

I don’t care if Mondays black Tuesday, Wednesday - heart attack Thursday, never looking back It’s Friday, I’m in love

See tuesday is meant for heart attacks

It’s always Tuesday every year. Perhaps they have a set week-long execution plan, and the ‘reveal results’ phase kicks in around Tuesday.

CFAI is like a dinosaur stuck in Mezosoic times. They probably spent all weekend typing 50,000 P/F emails.

I am OOO tomorrow. Best of luck guys. I am going weak in my knees! I fear that I would get a band 10…again! Just like last year.

THAT is my biggest fear… band 10…

Good luck guys… It seems that AF usually has a pretty high pass rate, so let’s hope that this year’s no different.

they take all day Monday to make sure the automated system is accurate an isn’t going to send a Pass email to a FAIL candidate


I am of the opinion that they want us to get the impact when colleague will be asking the results…so as to enable us prepare well for the next diets on the odds that we flunk.Any how lesss than 17 hrs to go.

I know this sounds overly dramatic and dire… but you ever feel like something bad is about to happen and there is nothing you can do about it. That’s how i Feel!


Tell me about it, I have an interview on Wednesday … don’t know even if I wanna prepare for it.

+1, have to say that’s what I’m expecting them to also do hehe

yes … I can definitely empatise with you mikey …