Why would my message be deleted

I had asked a question under subject “Stock Split on Dec 31: Effect on EPS calcuation”. Why would the message be deleted? Fortunately I read the replies before it was gone but still wondering why would my message disappear?

What was the answer for that question by the way? And yes, I don’t understand why it was deleted, there was nothing specific there.

Correct Answer was: Even if the stock split happens on 31st of Dec, it is applied to all the common outstanding shares for that year.

Thanks. Was it C?

I am preparing for Dec 2010 Level 1.

don’t give up on it just yet, you never know. I failed in December, that test was soooo hard. This was easier but waaay more concepts than i expected so i don’t know if passed either.

Just to be clear, Dec 2010 will be my first try. I did not sit for June 2010. I started studying 1 month back. May be a bit early for Dec, but it won’t hurt.

oops sorry :slight_smile: i thought you were referring to a specific question on the exam actually. Ok good luck with your studies!!