Why would someone making so much money have any reason to commit suicide

If you were this wealthy, why would you ever consider committing suicide?

Wachenheim, 44, left behind a 13-page suicide note in which she blamed herself for “two shameful incidents,” when her son fell from a bed and a Gymini play set onto a wooden floor. She feared that these spills caused concussions and seizures and would one day lead to autism or cerebral palsy, according to the Times.

Wachenheim was on child-care leave from her lucrative job as a court attorney, commanding $122,800 annually. She was well educated — high school valedictorian and Columbia University Law School graduate — and an active member of her Upper West Side synagogue, B’nai Jeshurun.

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If not suicide, I’d at least hack my sack off for making such a small pittance.

Are you an idiot or a troll? Read the post, you answered your own question.

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120 in NYC is borderline hacksaw dough. Suicide is a stretch - id probably just trade non-public material info or start a Ponzi scheme.

Setiously though, I don’t think $ is the only reason people commit suicide. I think it has to do with people’s wiring on how they deal with disappointment and the external circumstances they’re in. Sad stuff in general.

This obviously has nothing to do with ‘money’. Not even worth speculating. Just a sick story, but amazing that the kid survived the fall.

postpartum depression I think.

EDIT : Yes offense

For some people, life is about more than money, and when shame dominates, and hope fades, they feel there is little left to fight for.

I view those who think money determines happiness or life satisfication for the majority of people on this planet as lacking self awareness/honesty with themselves about their motivations. There are a few, but it is not the norm.

The ironic part of the story, is that she felt bad that she let her child fall from her crib and bump her head, thinking it would give her brain damage. Now she makes her child fall from an 8 story window.


Note: I am a firm believer in making AS MUCH money as you can because it can make life a lot easier for you and your loved ones. But to question why someone would commit suicide based on their salary seems utterly ludicrous to me.

Yeah, maybe she was one of those people who freaks out when they think things are not going right. She was 44 years old and had a 10 month old son. Maybe this provides some insight about her personality through the choices she made in her life. Plus, maybe there were some weird hormone effects from giving birth.

In any case, what she did was quite selfish and insane. You are disappointed in your ability to raise a kid, so you murder him? That’s pretty unforgivable. Imagine another scenario - a dad comes home, shoots his kids in the face, then shoots himself. Basically, it’s the same thing as what this lady did. However, we would call that dad evil and a terrible person. This lady was a terrible person to have done what she did.

The worst part is the collateral damage to the kid and the husband. The kid will now grow up without a mom. One day, he will Google search his mom’s name, and will find this news article. The mom was worried about the kid having mental problems one day? Guess what is going to happen now? Better start saving for the kid’s inevitable therapy bills. The husband will probably spend years questioning what he did wrong. It will probably be a long time before he will be able to have a healthy relationship with women again. Given that he is already 48 years old, maybe he will never recover.

^ much love. Really sad…

Is this a real question? Jesus, you’ve got a lot to learn about life and people. Sounds like you must heart math a lot. Are you autistic? I don’t want to pick on you if you are.

messed up parenting. we have so many crazy people in society because too many people are terrible parents.

"active member of her Upper West Side synagogue, B’nai Jeshurun."

Maybe she found it intolerable to live in post-9/11 New York as a Jew…

wait, I am thinking of Muslims. Never mind.

(Sorry for being flippant, it is truly a sad story.)

You edited your post brah, earlier you posted why would someone making 123k commit suicide? My guess is you are from India. That sounds like a lot of money but in NYC it isn’t.

Mental illness affects everyone from every tax bracket. It does not discriminate.

Yep either autistic or Asian is my guess.

She was Jewish, not Asian… Probably was not autistic either, seeing as how she thought it would be better for the kid to die than be autistic.

^ I believe they are referring to the OP, not the person in the article