Why you can't say "I'm a CFA"

Well, this technically discusses the CFP, but I’m sure the CFA is the same way.

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That’s exactly the situation with the CFA designation: if they let it be used as a noun, they risk losing their trademark.

I’m starting a Level II review course this Saturday, and when I cover Ethics I always mention this: using “CFA” as a noun has nothing to do with ethics; it has everything to do with copyright/trademark.

(I learned this in 2004 when I phoned CFA Institute – AIMR at that time – to ask why we couldn’t use what is clearly a noun phrase as a noun. The nice woman at AIMR said that they didn’t want to lose their copyright.)


seems slightly unethical to bash into our heads the “ethical” way to use the designation, while having ulterior motives that push their own interests. i understand if they had a large legal battle over it and lost it could harm all charterholders so im sure thats the rationale but it still just feels wrong