Wicked Homemade pre workout supp

1 Part rednull,1part espresso,6gr L arginine on an empty stomach,I have tried it and it beats any supp I have tried so far,costs far less and you actually know whats in it

Red bull and espresso on an empty stomach. Sounds like this is related to the Power of Oneness philosophy.

Told you Starbucks was shit.

@geo ,L arginine is absorbed much better on an empty stomach,however you can take a protein shake 1hour before this supplement,this way your stomach wont feel like you have drank acid and the pre workout supp will work fine.

Au contrarie. It is my strategy to stay regular.

mixed nuts, coffee and cheese pre workout

Why don’t you learn proper French instead of giving your money away for sub-par products ?

Give me a break, I’m typing on my phone! Again, my other option near my office is THI. What would you do? Either will kill you on an empty stomach.

I usually just have 4oz of espresso and Vega pre workout

or NOXplode, but my trainer doesn’t like me taking stuff with chemicals in it so I use it less than I used to

Coffee and blasting music of a combo of ray lewis and drew brees is all you need.


BCAAs during workout bruh!

Arginine/N.O. products are probably the biggest scam in the supplement industry.


Dude, you know I’m just kidding around laugh