wide awake

Thought i’d give this a shot and see how it works. What sections have people found the most challenging so far in the CFAI readings? I ask because from what i’ve read it can be really easy to become complacent when reading this material (that is, you read it and assume you know it; the LIII is decieving that way)…so i’m hoping this thread might wake others up to reconsider some previously thought ‘easy’ sections. I know so far i’ve been working dilligently on tying in the behaviour traits and how it affects forming IPSs as well as recognizing what behaviour bais’ are being shown…for something that by definition is straight forward, i’m finding the application not so much.

agreed. also working on tax formulas and GIPS

For me, it is Currency Risk Mgmt.

they seem too deceptively similar: steps for equity/bond/international/alternative investment asset manager selection…

Agree about the Behavioral Finance material. It seems like one behavior is a good fit, but the answer key seems to take a different tact. Frequently subjective, and always a pain.

Part 2 of study session 10. I still manage to miss little things in the questions, such as forgetting to multiply by yield beta AND CTD conversion ratio when determining how many futures should be bought/sold. Conceptually there isn’t anything that difficult there, but the details can kill you.

corporate governance because Jean Tirole cannot write anything without using “thus” or run-on sentences.

Taxes and attribution analysis.

econ makes me sleepy ( that’s Capital Market Expectations ). So does the BRIC and Emerging Market chapter

that corp governance section is so out of date its a joke. like that stock options don’t get expensed in the U.S.? that hasn’t been true since like 05! they need to scrap that whole chapter. and yes, awfully written to boot. felt like they just shoved it in there for some misplaced reason and havent looked back