Width of band

Assumption 1: So lets say that the LOWEST possible score anyone can get, given they have put any effort in is 35%. I think that is fair considering random guessing will get you ~25%. Assumption 2: MPS is 65%. Should be around there. Assumption 3: equal distribution within the bands So the difference is 30% points. Divide that into 10 bands, 3% points a band. So with a 120 questions, each band is about 4 questions difference. Remember this is assuming equal distribution within each band. I would actually think that the actual distribution is more skewed to around 50-60% mark (most of the ppl coming in at around 50-60), which means that the difference in each band is actually smaller than 4 questions. So if you are in band 10…you really might have been just 1 or 2 questions away. Just the analytical side of me hypothesizing…any thoughts?