Wife/spouse support during last few weeks

Y’all know now is the time to push the pedal on exam prep. For those of us who happen to be married, more time to study is also less time for your wife. What do you CFA candidates tell your wife when you need to go over your GIPS and she just don’t give a fine piece of work about it… :slightly_smiling_face:

My wife understands that a brighter future for me will ultimately benefit the family, so she is pretty supportive, even when she’s pregnant with our first child due in July. I told her almost exactly 2 years ago that we can’t have a kid until July 2017 at the earliest because I have to study and work for the next 2 years like a mad man.

Tell her you’ll get her a nice gift when you pass and upgrade her engagement ring once you start making serious dough! Whether or not that’s true is entirely on you, but that’s my suggestion to the wife. Giver her something to look forward to (maybe a vacation?).

Just do your marital duties regularly and have no problems.

and can you elaborate those marital duties?

  • Cooking dinner
  • Washing dishes
  • Solving math homework with children
  • Walk the dog

For the provision of spousal benefits, I’m assuming a period of 5/52nds of a year, but should the answer be calculated in terms of nominal grams or calories?

Great thoughts guys! I will stick with the study and dish washing no matter what.

I wish I had a wife during the cfa… home cooked meals, clean house, ‘cuddles’… Instead, i have a bf who passed level 3 last year and is going insane this year to make up for the last 4 years of missed opportunities; going on cruises, seeing all our friends every weekend, hours of videogames… all while i’m stuck studying… smh, can’t blame the guy though i just wish he’d act a little disappointed I can’t partake in his escapades.

When you think about it, having a husband vs. having a wife during the cfa is a completely different experience. And even more differences for partners who went through the cfa together. And then there are forever alones … Someone should do a study on the pass rates for married vs single and if it has any statistical impact on their results. I just don’t know how you would create a control group… hmm…

Dish washing, well better said put the dishes into dishwasher in and out, is one of the most relaxation thing between mocks. Cooking dinner is second. Practicing math with kids is not so exciting but it cannot be avoided because my wife now assumes I am standing better with math than her. Also, don’t forget your night time activities, it also helped me to stay focused.

36 days fellas…it’s primetime for grind time!

So how was it? Wife turn out to be very supportive during the last 10 days but I also did my marital duties and I would agree that washing dishes could be kind of a good break. I did some LEGO too though…

Nice to be able to go to bed with my wife. For 7 months she’s been going to bed at 730ish and I followed at about 11pm

Are you 100 or 8?

She works super early so goes to bed early. I work til about 530, come home eat dinner and give my 5 yr old a bath, say hi to my newborn, studied 730 to 11. Then went to bed. I’m 32 and she’s 28.

i buy mine a chanel bag

My wife was awesome through all 3 levels. Hope i passed, don’t want to put her through it again

My wife gave me an awesome hummer after the exam . The car of course get your mind out the gutter