WiFi Booster / Range Extender

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Do you have any insight into whats a good WiFi signal booster / range extender? I’m only getting a couple of bars in my backyard and the connection drops frequently, so I need to boost my router signal. This will greatly enhance my ability to participate in AF discussions while I’m chilling in my deckchair, so your thoughtful recommendations provide a community benefit. Thanks!

My network is setup through apple routers. I think I’ve got a time capsul as the main router then an airport express as the extender at my parents house and it works great and I’ve got the inverse setup at my own house that works pretty well.

My router is upstairs so I needed a range booster to get a better signal downstairs. I bought the Securifi Almond ($69.99 on Amazon).

It has worked perfectly for my needs as a range booster.

I see that there is a 2015 model on Amazon for $99.99. Not sure what the differences are.

I imagine that the best selling amplifier on Amazon is a safe bet. Five thousand nameless muppet reviewers are unlikely to be wrong.

My coworker’s kid built a wifi amplifier for his science fair. It’s basically a big magnifying lens made with tin foil, and you point it where you want the signal to reflect. Maybe you should try it.

I heard extenze is good.