Wiley CAIA Preparation - Review


Are anyone using Wiley as Test Prep ? Any comments about them ? I know they are very good for CFA preparation, but it has just one year preparing for CAIA. I signed up for a trial and its platform seems to be very well developed, but I don’t have reference about he content.

Thank you

I use(d) uppermark and so far I am quite happy with it. It is sometimes a little challenging and it supposed to be harder than the exams which for me is good for preparation …

My answer doesn’t directly address your question on Wiley, but maybe this context could help in some way. I used Kaplan for Level I and did very well. I used them again on Level II (first attempt) and felt like a number of the questions on test day were completely new concepts. I’m using Uppermark for this month’s upcoming attempt at Level II and already feel more prepared. In short, I still like Kaplan’s books better, but the Uppermark question bank seems to be a better representation of Level II’s difficultly.

Hello - I used Wiley for L1 and felt it was ok. I purchased the self-study package.

-Pros: The books they send along are great and the ability of the online study vs the books was nice as I could study at work without being too obvious. The study sections are logical and study sessions can be completed in an hour or less.

-Cons: Their material and sample questions did not seem as hard as the actual test. They have a question bank of only around 1k questions which in the course of daily study and long weekend studies can go pretty fast. Plus I noticed several issues/error with some of the questions in the question bank. That part frustrated me the most. Lastly, their formatting and content presentation is the nicest I have seen, but when it comes to simulating the testing formatting and conditions, it is off. The actual test looks quite archaic and navigating the Wiley content wasnt consistent with that.

Based on those issues above, I actually opted (about halfway through my L1 study) to purchase the UpperMark final review and Testbank. It was the best decision I made in my study, since it felt like a whole new level. The questions were harder/complex and much more refined (virtually no data quality issues or errors). Their Testbank, if I recall correctly, had approx. 1800 questions or more available, which were definitely more representative of the test. Lastly, the format in the Testbank is very similar to what you will experience on test day as far as the look and the navigation ability. I also used UpperMark for L2 and definitely felt prepared, so I will recommend them all day long to people deciding between the two.

Best of luck studying and on the test!

Hi everyone,

I would like to know which UpperMark Suites to buy to get the caia level 1 the first time?

Platinum Suite, Suite Suite, Diamond Suite, Suite?

With the preparation of the Kaplan mocks exams will that sufficient ?

Thank you

I use Wiley currently and would never use them again. Way too many errors and no support for questions on errors.

For Level I in March I bought the Wiley books, and the Uppermark Flash Cards and Q-Bank. Q-Bank was excellent.

For Level II my work has supplied Kaplan stuff. It is pretty good so far I think. The Secret Sauce is excellent, so it may be for Level I as well. Cheers

After using Kaplan for FRM and CFA , using them fir level 2 Caia was a mistake for the Spring 2019 exam. The test bank questions and practice exams were no representative of the actual exam . Their live weekly sessions needed to spend more time on exam taking skills and how to take the exam rather than reciting what was in their study materials . In addition they should take a stand on what they think will be tested and focus on that . Using uppermark in spring 2020 level 2 second try