Wiley Elan Errata

Does Wiley have an errata listing for the 11th Hour Guide? I’ve found a few (not really important) errors in the 30 pages I’ve read, and I noticed a whole section is mislabeled (Equity is labeled PM in the top corner of every page). Again, this isn’t a huge deal, but it would be nice to reference material errors.

I have noticed the same thing too !!!

Found quite some errors in Portfolio management too, which is kinda scaring (seems they were in a hurry to publish the book lol).

I think we can contact them to see what is the deal with that.

What stuff are you guys seeing as incorrect in the PM section?

Thanks for flagging the issue. Our editors just notifiied us that we will post errata to Wiley.com/go/cfaerrata in the future and that the issue above (Equity mislabeled as Portfolio Management) has been corrected in the eBook, and we have the print files fixed for any reprints.

Can I have a complimentary mock exam for providing helpful customer feedback? I also noticed some typos in another section… wink