Wiley for level 3

How are Wiley notes for level 3?

Wiley material for Level 3 sucks. Level 2 Wiley material is good. But Level 3 stuff is really really bad. All their videos are essentially useless. Their notes are the worst. The notes miss so much content from the CFAI curriculum, I wonder anybody would be able to clear the exam just reading the Wiley notes.

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Could you be more precise on the quality of the notes, please? Are they missing content and important facts or just detailed explanations and context? I’m asking because I covered the curriculum, now I’m looking for a source to review the material at a slightly higher level.

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Depending on which topic you look at, they are missing content, explanation and/or context. Besides, they don’t have a good question bank. One expects a good question bank so one can read the topic and practice questions to reinforce the understanding, but their q-bank is pathetic. Some topics barely have any questions (less than 10) and those too are senseless. It seems that Wiley simply wanted to put their product out there and therefore they put some questions for the sake of it. They claim they have 750+ exam style questions but it’s a hogwash because those questions are neither exam style nor 750+. They loaded up a bunch of questions on Ethics and Behavioral Finance, and don’t have enough for other topics.

I regret paying for the gold package for level 3. I am not bothered much as I have also bought packages from other providers but if I had more time and willingness to fight for a refund, I would do that. Anyway, if you ask me, you are better off buying Schweser notes or some other provider. I have not used IFT, but I heard it’s really good. IFT notes follow the curriculum closely and their videos are very thorough. I would say you can go with whichever suits you better but avoid Wiley.

I use multi providers for level 3. David Hetherington (Moved to Wiley from Schweser 2 years ago) has been awesome in the weekly virtual class. He’s adding 7 extra refresher classes for us to attend for free starting in July. I am a curriculum person, but I rely heavily on his virtual class slides to make sure I get the key concepts of each reading. His slides cover 90% of the curriculum that is more than enough for us to pass. Speaking of notes/study guide, I have both Schweser and Wiley, but I don’t use them as much as the curriculum.

David redid almost all Wiley’s prerecorded videos this year. I found them very useful.

Someone mentioned IFT. Their videos are also awesome (both regular and summary videos). Some people hate the accent of the instructor but I’m totally fine with it.

I love to attend weekly virtual class to keep me up to speed with the readings. (I don’t do too well if you just give me the entire library of videos to watch on my own)

I normally don’t log on here but feel the need to share my positive experience with Wiley and David. I have Wiley’s platinum package for all 3 levels.

I had the pleasure of working with David Hetherington at Stalla and again at Schweser.

He’s a fantastic instructor.

Great, thank you all for sharing your experiences! :grinning:
I will have a closer look at the different suggestions and will rethink my further approach…

Stay safe and (to whom it may concern) best of luck in December/June!