wiley L2 free trial

Hi all,

Do you have any idea when the L2 wiley free trial is usually available on there website ? or is it ever available ?

@Fatym, It will be available soon. As per the website, it should be available in September. Looks like, it might be delayed. Can’t wait to get my hands on CFA Level 2 FRA as soon as the videos become available.

What does this free trial include? Sorry, I’m unfamiliar and have only used Kaplan Schweser in the past!


Do u guys know whether their notes are out or not ? I heard they are way better than Schweser, is that true ?

You can use their 2016 Study guide as well as their 11th hour guide for Level 2 for 2016. Their 2017 guides are not out yet but 2016 guides are good enough to cover lot of Topics for June 2017 Level 2 Exam (except the ones that have changed from 2016 to 2017)

Thx a lot @sydneyguy , I’ve been checking the website every week but Dec2016 was the only one available. … by the way, do you think they provide 2017 videos on the free trial or an old version of last years ??

I doughts they will be that nice to provide the new videos on free trial!