Wiley level 2 Success

Any one else have success using Wiley for the exam?

I used Schweser for Level 1 and did ok, but rather than reading this year, I want to stick to individual videos which Wiley does. Schweser just runs a weekly 3hr video. The downside is no formal Qbank (i believe under development) and only one mock vs Schweser’s II.


Hey RSparks, I just completed the new test bank today. Should be up asap (Part I) for Part II, I have written longer form PQs that are in the practice question books that don’t lend themselves well to a testbank but part II is also on the way. Part II is complete today without a “testbank” but I know candidates want it so it is also on the way.

Thanks Christian. I have signed up using Wiley for FRM level 2. I like your videos as you are very clear and to the point. The end of video questions, like in CFA, are a good recap with some curve ball thrown in. I do feel that the videos do not prepare you for some of the questions and maybe that’s due to me not reading the book or intentional in balancing the theory with practical application.

I haven’t looked at the written material yet, but will shortly after this.

Will the test bank for FRM II be up by mid-Oct? That is when I’ll be focusing on questions and exams.

Thanks for your hard work!


Thank You!

I think I crafted some of my best work in the credit section of part II. It’s one of my favorites. I really enjoy thinking about how to improve that part every year.

One huge, huge point I want to stress, and one I’m working with Wiley to communicate better, is my answer explanations in part II for ALL answer choices are as important as my notes themselves. I intentionally wrote part I differently so you are totally fine there.

Meaning; you get an answer right but I designed Part II wanting you to know the other answer choice too. That only works on the printed page. I cross reference those other choices to other topics in my books that might “sound” right but are incorrect. These are some of the misdirections you will see on exam day and I try to replicate that all while reinforcing the learning process from other sections. Call me a nerd learner but I always try to write thinking about how we all learn new concepts; how we might think about the right answer but also knowing why the others are wrong is equally meaningful. I do write these like a novel where I am connecting concepts instead of characters. Corny, but true.

The problem is I lose that conversation thread in a test bank format.

SO: No, the Part II Test Bank will not be ready by mid-Oct. BUT I feel what I have written in the Part II PQ books is what you need so this is kind of a case of me saying you need Y when you are asking for X.

Ultimately, I will get a part II Test Bank that is yes/no correct/wrong with no context questions but honestly, I think more complexity is required at part II and rightfully so; this is a tough test.

You know what…I’m just going to ask Wiley to put all my Part II questions up in a test bank format but modify it so that it will show you all the answer content, not just the right answer. That way everyone gets the learning experience I hope they’d have on the printed page but in a test bank format. That will definitely work…

Thank you for the idea @rsparks ! DM me for a free everything FRM Part I and FRM Part II or refunds for anything you’ve already bought for life. Welcome aboard.


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One quick note: there seems to be different opinions about what “test bank” means. That is a set of questions that are quick concept checkers. Think anything you might answer while commuting or on the app. The questions I really want you to focus on are not in the test bank: they are already in the course and in the printed books.

“test bank” doesn’t mean “like test day”.