Wiley Mock Errata 2016

These Wiley mocks are HORRIBLE. I am more confused after answering some of these questions. Some of the questions and answers are poorly written and I think I’ve already found some errata. Some aren’t a big deal, but they really throw me off and confuse me. For example, one of the calculations has a correct numerical answer, but the inputs are incorrect (should be (330/360)*libor and not (360/360)*libor. This stuff matters and candidates waste valuable time because some of the people making the material lack the discipline to do it right.

Has anyone else noticed this? Some may brush it off, but I can be compulsive and I’ve wasted so much time on some of these discrepancies.

Yes. I found 3 errors in the last exam I took. One was just sloppy writing, but two were actually wrong. I posted on the student discussion forum and was told they told the content team immediately to change it. Haven’t heard back on the other.

The ones that I’ve found haven’t been calculation-related (which I’d understand), but actually a backwards concept.

With that said, I have found Wiley’s to drill the concepts harder than Schweser does. So I have appreciated them.

Oddly enough, I also found a pretty clear error on a CFAI question as well. I received an email back saying they would try to have content get back to me before the exam time but said it was unlikely due to proximity of the exam. So it happens to everyone.

I’ve noticed errors in Wiley’s notes, formula sheets and exams. When you use them in conjunction with the CFA books, it’s just another thing that keeps you on your toes. They should definitely have someone proofread/validate what they’re putting out though because it ain’t cheap!

Agreed with Wiley’s mocks being vague and having the occasional error, but overall I like them better than Schweser. I also posted some questions on the student discussion board and, similar to above, it seemed some were due to the question writer being confused or making a simple mistake. But I also found 2 or 3 questions/errors that were calculations done completely wrong. One was modified CAPM and the answer didn’t include a company premium…