Wiley Question bank

Guys, any thoughts on Wiley question bank?

Its decent. I find it slightly better than Schweser qBank.

Agree. Slightly better as they give you vignette style questions for level 2. Not sure if Schweser has updated their q bank or will. I used Wiley and passed very comfortably. I enjoyed their videos. The downside is only one exam vs the 6 you get with Schweser. I highly recommend doing at least 6 exams. You can buy 3 from IFT for a decent price.

Schweser qbank was much better than Wiley’s in my opinion. Schweser not only has more questions overall but it also has more vignettes with 6 questions each, most of the time Wiley’s weren’t even 6 questions. I ended up not even finishing the Wiley qbank. Not saying it’s a bad product and I guess it can’t hurt to get both as I did but I think Schweser gets the cake.

One thing is for sure, without argument. The 6 Schweser Mocks were much better than the 2 Wiley mocks. In fact, lots of questions on Wiley mocks were material that had been removed, such as LIFO/FIFO accounting.