Wiley Video Lectures

I bought the video lectures for L2 from Wiley and have only recently started watching them. I find that they are quite poor at buffering and even when they do, are streamed in a very poor quality. They are so blurry, I cannot even make out the text displayed on screen. I have great internet speed, so the issue really isn’t related to that. I just wanted to check if anyone else was experiencing this issue, and if so, have you found any resolution.

I tried contacting the customer service but they were extremely unhelpful.

Similar issue, but I just ignore it to be honest. The blur happens more than the buffering for me but I have found it manaegable so far.

Can you send an email to info@efficientlearning.com? I sent them an email, but they told me no one else reported it. Maybe if a few of us do, they’ll do something about it. For me, the blur makes the text illegible.

Thank you.

BTW how good are Wiley lectures content wise?

I’ve started watching them only recently, but they’re good so far. I’ve heard greats things on this forum about the two instructors who are doing most of the video lectures, Basit Shajani and Peter Olinto, which is why I bought them. If you’re depending on third party study materials, it could be of benefit.

I assume those of you who have started watching the videos purchased a package of some sort given that the videos are not yet available to purchase as a standalone package?

actually i did not watch anything for L1. I did the book reading. Practice and exam. But i think for L2, I would need some videos for better understanding.

Peter and Basit are great. They are very detailed and Basit loves to show you how formulae are derived.

But they also got someone else called Darren DeGraaf who, in my opinion is quite bad at the bond lecture videos in particular.

He sort of skim through everything and he don’t go through the examples in details. :frowning:

He does most of the ethics though and seems OK in Ethics…

I too found Darren DeGraaf a little lesser prepared than Basit and Olinto

For those of you who have started the video lectures: Have you found it helpful to do the reading prior to watching or will the entire reading be covered in the lecture?

For L1 I signed up for Wiley’s live clsses - I loved Darren because his classes were very interactive - a perfect match to the Schweser Q bank etc. So I bought a Wiley package along with Schweser. Now at L2 I feel that their live classes are not really interactive and therefore no real added value to the Schweser recorded videos. Sometimes I find it’s confusing. But it certainly is key to prepare in advance

I think Wiley people are trying to do a good job but it’s a new set up

I only watch the Wiley videos from Basit and Peter. The other guy is a little too dry

Hi Guys, Do any of you have 2015 Wiley 11th hour guide for level 2 you could share even for a small fee.

I also attended the Wiley level 2 live class on Saturday. I consider it a complete waste of time and money. The tutor is doing the lecture between waking up and rushing off to his proper job, having breakfast and taking care of his pets in the meantime.

Most of the three hours was spent leafing through an endless amount of bullet point list slides. Understandably, the lecturer had nothing helpful to tell about most of these lists. However, he also failed to move on swiftly, since it was clearly the first time he saw the slides. Once every twenty slides or so, a concept was explained on autopilot, way too fast for me to get any grasp of the material. I am not alone in this, as hardly any participant was able to answer the few questions in the final minutes of the session correctly.

There is hardly any room for interaction. Attempts from the participants to ask for explanation were brushed aside because of time constraints. It is suggested to rewatch parts of the recording of the live session to get a better understanding of the material, like searching through over three hours of video for a few good bits is in any way ‘efficient learning’. The prerecorded bit-sized lessons are much more suitable for this.

I’m very sorry to hear this, as I’m the instructor to whom you’re referring.

Some of your criticism is accurate, some isn’t.

For example, I wasn’t having breakfast, nor taking care of the dogs and cats. I had some tea, and let the dogs out before class started; the cats did start meowing toward the end of class, but my wife took care of them; I didn’t.

I agree that we had many lists of bullet points that are little more than straight memorization, and that I should have moved through them a lot more quickly. I’ll do better in the future.

It wasn’t the first time I saw these slides; I wrote them.

I did have to rush off to another job, but it’s no more a proper job than my online teaching; I take both of them very seriously.

I agree that we need more interaction. I’ll work on that as well. Isabella suggested that Darren did a good job of that at Level I; I’ll review his lectures and try to adopt some of his techniques.

We all make mistakes; the real question is whether we learn from them and do better in the future. I plan to.

Thanks for your reply, I had no idea it was you. Actually after the lecture I visited your website, a resource I also used a lot during Level I, to improve my understanding of currency forward contracts and triangular arbitrage.

It shouldn’t matter whether you knew it was I or not. If I’ve done a poor job, I need to improve it.

I’ve already taken steps to do so.

I hope that you’ll give the class another look.

Nooooooo S2000Magician i like your live lectures the way they are. PLEASE DONT ADOPT DARREN’S STYLE. I’m not sure if he did a good job in level 1 but he certainly did not do a fantastic job in level 2 in my opinion. If you have time, you can go through his bonds video lectures for level 2 and they are basically summarized forms, assuming we know our stuff, and did not go into details. Which i don’t think is good for level 2.

The reason why you/peter/basit have succeeded in this area is due to the amount of details and explanation we are delivered in l2 content. i have skipped all darren’s videos on bonds. and have read them myself.

so please, do not adopt darren’s style if possible.

Your syle is good and I enjoy your live lectures -

wow !! I had no idea YOU were the magician. your posts have been helpful many times here in the past as I looked up things. Thanks for that.

I think that you should not be so hard on yourself. Yes, I was disappointed, yes, there is a lot of material. Who cares about the dogs and cats… that’s not what is key nor important. What is, I think, is that we get a grasp on some key concepts. The exceptions etc - the stuff to learn by heart - we can read that at home.

I’m not a math person - so simple rules like “up the quote” are made for me. Because I don’t naturally see where to divide etc. especially if under stress.

But being able to get the key concepts and exchange - that’s , at least for me, what a person like me, “the lone CFA learner” is sometimes a bit desperate for.

I’m willing to go for it again and try you & Wiley again.

I also prepare in advance and am prepared to do homework too. that’s fine.

So perhaps you can also give me a chance again as a student? I’d be thrilled if we can get off to a good no2 start :slight_smile: