Wiley vs Schweser

Yeah this topic comes up every year in Level 1 and 2, but with Level 3 being new for Wiley as of the 2016 Exam I think it is worth posting.

I used Schweser for Level 1 and Wiley for Level 2. I thought Wiley did a better job, but that is because Peter and Basit videos were awesome (which follow the books verbatim), and the 11th Hour Guide was incredible. I talked to a Wiley agent and they said at this time there will be no Platinum package for Level 3. That means no 11th hour guide I believe. Plus I know that since the Level 3 videos are brand new there will be no Olinto videos. I was not a fan of the other two guys who did the videos. I almost would say they were bad.

I am heavily leaning towards Schweser for Level 3, because their level 1 stuff was solid and they have some excellent instructors. Anyone else in the same boat as me? Has anyone heard anything to the contrary regarding the Wiley packages. For anyone who did Wiley this year, who did the videos?

Does anyone know if you can get a discount if you used Wiley for level I and II? I remember I got a discount before when I told them I used their material for level I.

Used Schweser for Level 2 and just ordered Level 3 Schweser materials. No point changing something thats working.

Schweser study guides are ok, but you shouldn’t rely on the Schweser mock exams, these are way off.

I used Schweser Notes and QBank for Levels I, II, and III. I used Wiley Videos for Levels II and III. I thought that the Schweser Mock Exams were very similar to the CFAI Past Mock Exams. I really liked having the two different perspectives as it allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of the material.

I did and found them informative, not to mention the price is right (much cheaper). I read CFAI, do blue boxes and EOCs before I go to third party providers though.

Or…you don’t have to take my word for it and you can go over to YouTube and check out a few videos Wiley has publicly published. Here’s one on economic analysis: https://youtu.be/MPjhH_4S1XA

I’m assuming you’re referring to Daren Miller’s video lectures? Were these weekly live online lessons that were also recorded for future viewing or were they recorded previously then made available online all at once? I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Daren Miller and I’m heavily leaning towards purchasing Wiley’s Package for L3 just for these.

If I remember correctly, they were recorded and rolled out every week or so. One word of caution re: Wiley: their distribution sucks. Nobody knew when they were releasing anything. I’d like to believe that was because this was their first year making materials for L3 – my thought is they were rolled out so haphazardly was because they were being filmed.

I’d assume, considering the fact the CFAI curriculum changed so little, they will be available much sooner this year. I did miss the fact they didn’t have a 11th-hour review for L3, but the formula sheet works similar to 11th-hour review.

In full disclosure, I’ve never seen Schweser videos.

It would be interesting to see what response you receive. BTW passed L1 in May?

God bless us all

Ask for donations, so you can buy. I am also poor. My contribution to you $1. I can do note more if you got 70℅ in all subjects. Please f*ck off from L3 forum. We are grieving for our Aug 9 results.

passed L1 in May? were you under PCP investigation?

schweser IFT whatever works for you. No definitive answer for this. CFAI EOC and mock and practice exams are a must.

I did not attempt the LIII exam this year but others have. Please wait and post your queries after august 9.

@confused2010…how are you?..i guess not so active on this forum nowadays!!..i used to read a lot of your comments when preparing for L2 and L3…When are you attempting L3 again?