Will CFA institute allow me to register for Level II

There is a possibility that I will not obtain my bachelors degree this Dec as initially planned (due to personal reasons). If I dont obtain it by Dec, i will just be lacking 3 credits which I will have to take in January semester meaning I don’t graduate until May. I know I need to satisfy the bachelors degree requirement to register for level II, which is where my problem is. Last date to register for level II is Mar 17th, I wont graduate till end of April. Does anyone know of a situation similiar to mine and if they were allowed to register/write level II?..I will have graduated before writing the exam in June… Anyways I plan on asking CFA institute directly myself, but wanted to hear from you guys first and maybe include any advice in the letter I will send them…thanks!

From my understanding, it is not a big problem. I recently got an email from the institute reminding me to register for level 2. It mentioned that many candidates do not formally graduate (convocation) but can get a letter from their university stating that they have technically finished all of the graduation requirements. It may be a problem though if you still need to satisfy some graduation requirement. I’d like to know the outcome after you’ve spoken to CFA institute.

thanks for the reply, i will let you know of the outcome when I get one from cfa institute, I am just worried regarding the timing of when I need to have obtained my bachelors, before registering (which I won’t make) or before writing the exam (which I will make)…I really hope they let me or else I will have to wait an extra year to write L2…

Do you have a job lined up already? Studying for L2 will leave little time to search for jobs.