Will Fall 2020 results be contested?

There’s more and more stories out there of ppl who took the proctored “at home” exams, and either they were not able to get started due to endless tech issues, or even worse, they got kicked out in the middle of the exam, just to have to retake the whole thing on another day (which of course makes you wonder if they were presented with the same exact questions, which would mean they had an advantage over everyone else). Looks to me like CAIA failed miserably this time around and I don’t see how ppl won’t start taking action. The thing about ppl retaking the exam from scratch next day does raise lots of flags in my opinion and would inevitably bring the passing curve higher if indeed they were presented with same exact questions.


Agree, we should get a fair treatment for this CAIA exam in this autumn. It is unfair if people seen the questions and then asked to re-take the exam in the next day due to technical error. This might lead to less people willing to sign up for the CAIA exam in future and hope they can consider this point.


L can’t agree more, fairness is the target welfare of exam candidate. That should be included in the institutions of the assosiation.

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I suppose we’ll never know whether those that had to retake the test the following day were presented with the same exact questions. I was able to take my exam at a test centre so didn’t have any issues. Hope everyone will be treated fairly and “may the odds be ever in everyone’s favour”.

I can’t agree more and I wish I haven’t seen your post. This makes me now more nervous!

I doubt they were presented with brand new questions, because if CAIA has different exam versions out there, then it would be unfair to grade all candidates on the same level, it would not be a leveled plainfield. Plus, given how strict they are about ppl not discussing the exam content, it all points to them having just one exam out there. I doubt they planned for the proctored exams to kick you out mid exam, pretty sure this is unprecedented given first time they offered at home exams (which to me sounded like a bad idea in the first place, cheapens the designation…ppl can easily cheat from home…CFA would never offer at home exams).

I’m also worried learning of the possibility that a few may have gotten an “advantage”. Let’s wait and see.

I agree with this…and the testing period was 4 weeks? (ended early October) which I think really questions the integrity of the exam. The people that were taking the exam in the latter half have an advantage from hearing previous writers’ experiences/frustrations with the exam even if it wasn’t specific questions of what was asked, but the general content of the exam. I personally wrote the exam earlier and would’ve appreciated the insight on different forums.