Will i be able to review quant and ethics in 1 day?

I’m panic

is not going to happen.

lol I was gonna say that same thing but I didnt want to kill his confidence :slight_smile: If you don’t know it by now you won’t know it by Saturday. There is just too much material.

Review your weak spots, yes. Learn all the LOS in Ethics and Quant if you haven’t looked at it before, No. I plan on reading ethics on Friday, but as for quant, I know what I know.

Go over the formulas …

I didnt say i didnt study it. I had no less than 80% score while studying I said REPEAT :slight_smile:

with the secret sauce and if you’re really focused, you can do a good review of ethics &quant in an hour or so. I reviewed equities and bonds last night, it probably took a couple of hours of super intense studying.

shit… i think i’ll coming in june…

I don’t see a problem with reviewing in one day if you’re testing > 80% already. Then again, I failed in June 07, so what do I know?

Konstantin, don’t panic. I’d suggest that you at least review all 7 standards with subsections (3 pages) and basics of GIPS (5 pages). Use Secret Sauce to review Quant. You should be able to do it in one day.

Thank you fellows Zeroaffinity, After fail and additional half of year study time did your confidence changed?

Confidence is much better, yes, but I am still not sure I’ll pass. My scores on the CFA practice tests are not where I want them. I’ve read all of the CFAI books cover to cover, taken two reams of notes, and worked through every problem twice. However, it bothers me that I continually see new problems/questions (good ones!) on this site and that they all come from Schweser. If I pass this time, I am definitely picking up Schweser materials for L2. If there is one thing I know, Ethics and FSA won’t be my problem areas. I am kicking ass on those. *shrug* Ask me again on Sunday …