Will I fail?

sorry…don’t mean to come off as overly dramatic, but i’m a little bit discouraged with my results…I feel pretty good about the morning section material, but practice exam scores aren’t that great… started with Schweser V1 Exam 1: 80% (obviously I was happy with this one) Schweser V1 Exam 2: 70% CFA Sample 1: 70% CFA Sample 2: 66% CFA Sample 3: 60% CFA Mock: 68% sure would feel a lot better if i was scoring in the 70s consistently. urgggg

u are being overly dramatic

unfortunately, yes.

NO You won’t fail! YES You are being a drama queen! Keep at it

haha thanks man…i know the heading of my post is a little stupid…just frustating seeing all these scores posted in the 70s and 80s. the positive is i’ve been pretty good going back and working on the parts i know i bombed…stuggled a little with the option payoffs and another was macro attribution. I think if I had to run through them again my scores would be higher. still a couple days left to fill in the holes. can’t wait to be done!

dude, the extreme long tail of the distribution is on this forum. I’m pitching consistent 60’s on PM stuff and though I don’t score em prob high 50’s on AM…I consider myself very average, just not on this skewed forum. But you guys keep me juiced. Have done all 6 Schwesers, CFA 04-07, two samples. Will likely do one or even two more olds working backwards, and the mock…prob the last same too I’ll pass by working my as$ off…no other way

well i’m rootin for ya halifax maybe we both away from this with a nice juicy pass good luck studying over next couple days

I think we will. Everyone here, including me is mega freaked a la the 07 pass rate. I’ve def done more than normal due to it the fear of God this exam has put into me!!!

it all depends on how you do on the actual exam. for level 2, my practice exam scores and actual exam score were completekly different

i just know i was pulling off 80s in level 2 on any schweser exam i did, and i killed level 2. turkish - were you doing good or bad on level 2 practices?


as a matter of fact, i almost convinced myself that I would fail the night b4 he exam. my real scores turned out really good, passed easy.

those scores are fine. you should be ok. most of the people that bother to post their scores are either bragging or lying so don’t take it too seriously.

well i’m glad it worked out for you ! how are you finding L3? would you say you feel more prepared this year than last year?

I would caution judging your success from the multiple choice questions. I did ok in those both in the exam and in preparation, probably got 65 - 68% for the exam. I BOMBED the written. The written is way harder than the multiple choice because it is very easy to miss read the questions and make silly errors. Make sure you score yourself on the written past papers, its difficult but just be hard on your self. A friend I studied engineering with wrote the year before and with little studying passed, I think they have raised their game significantly, the pass rate for 2007 confirms this.

thanks for advice…i’m actually going over previous exams for the written right now…have all exams from 2002 to 2007. Have spent the last three days or so doing combination of essay questions and practice exams. best of luck this year marcva

Good, I think the easy marks are in the written it just takes a whole lot of practice. Luck, mmm I think I will need it. Good luck to you too