Will men lose their nipples because it has no use ?

Over the long run I mean.

Clearly you haven’t learned enough about your nipples.

I laughed loudly when I read this topic’s title.

No, we need something else to lick and suck besides abs.

Mods, please ban rahul… er Sam immediately.

Two words,


If women get to keep their clitoris, I get to keep my nipples.

The clitoris has some use, I don’t see milk coming out of nipples.

Both are just a collection of nerve endings that each sex can live well without?

Nope,the clitoris does play an indirect role in reproduction.Again my nipples don’t do s’$t when it comes to having babies.

Unless the way the fetus develops is changed, i think nipples will stand the test of time.


Thank you for the informative reply.

You’re not using them properly

By using them properly as males you are not reffering to having them pierced, are you ? God …


Timely…While certainly a fan, but as I said, a collection of nerve endings.

I repeat.

You may need to trade in your wife or GF for someone more knowledgeable.

a collection of nerve endings that perhaps will get you brownie points and what not

I was actually thinking the same of our feet.

Why do we need feet? Imagine all that blood redirected to the brain…