Will my exam be voided lvl 1

Hey all, what are the chances that my exam results will be voided?

I sat lvl 1 exam last Friday (23/2) and was told by proctor that I’ll be written up for leaving test room without their permission after submitting AM exam (for my 30 min scheduled break) and PM exam.

I wasnt told that I had to raise my hand and wait before being escorted out of the room following exam completion. I thought that instruction only applies if you had any questions during exam or if you need an unscheduled bathroom break.

I didnt know that it extends to exam completion as I thought you submitting exam would automatically allow for your 30min break/leave exam building.

I don’t want all my effort to be all for nothing as it would be impossible for me to cheat as I didn’t take any unscheduled breaks and submitted my exams before leaving.


I reckon you will just get a warning.

Thanks for the reassurance. I hope that theyll review security tape footage and exam submission time for me and not decide to continue with investigation. In the case that I’ll get an email from PCP, would my argument be enough for my case.

  • Under the CFA Exam and Rules misconduct, a violation occurs if I , “[left] the test center (facility where check-in, security, and testing occurs) or entering other areas of the building on unscheduled breaks”
  • I left the exam room and building after submitting AM session and PM session respectively. Therefore I didn’t violate the CFA Exam and Rules misconduct as I left during my scheduled break and exam completion respectively.

Well, I think an old adage is worth citing here: “When all else fails, follow directions.”

Good luck.