will never trust gym showers again

after a workout the other day, I head to the showers (all empty at the time). i pick one, close the door and before turning on the water, i notice a bad smell. i look around and everything looked normal. then i look closer at the drain and realized someone totally waffle stomped. I’ve been scarred. is this what having kids at home is going to be like?

Waffle stomped?

Someone ate food in the shower? The nerve.

I suspected what it was, but just had to be sure: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=waffle%20stomp

ooh look, someone forgot their playdough!

Never trust the soap dispensers that allow refilling additional liquid soap as opposed to sealed bags!

Okay. ewww. But what do kids have to do with it?

Wait, you don’t have gym in your office building? Gym in my company main office is very upscale, super clean and stuff

^ Our company gym is pretty dirty.

Ours is dirty and in the basement. It’s like a dungeon I’ll never visit

Where is CfavsMba when you need him?


Sounds like he’s already free, respect, AF’s o.g.

I’ve never heard of kids doing this. It was probably some horrible adult. WTF is wrong with people?


I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, but could see a 15 year old boy, or Ryan Lochte, finding it funny.

The gym at The Goldman Sachs is very upscale, super clean and stuff.

Makes sense, the employees need it so they can cry in the showers during lunch.

Makes sense, the employees need it so they can cry in the showers during lunch.

This is itera making up excuses not to exercise.

Realize #1 in the shower is common practice. See this as the natural extension.