will questions in the level 2 exam be like the type we got in level 1

I found that during the level 1 exam, they were asking questions that looked very simple and easy except that 1. it had a trick in it or 2. we might have missed the trick if we did not pay attention while studying or 3. we were left thinking I cant believe they asked an easy question I bet I missed the trick. I wanted to know if they will have questions like this for the level 2 exam.

I failed the L1 exam twice from not studying enough. I use to think the exam was tricky. Then one year, for some reason, I became really serious about studying. Since then, I have continually told myself that “there are no trick questions on the CFA exam.” Since I actually became serious about studying, I have always found that to be true. If a question seems tricky, it’s because I [you] didn’t know the material well enough. When I read the explanation, the solution becomes very clear.

After I failed the L1 exam twice, thinking each time that it was tricky, I got REALLY serious about the exam. Then, the next time I took the exam, EVERY question was what you call a “3” type question. i.e., after EVERY question I thought, “I cant believe they asked an easy question!” There really are no trick questions!

Some questions you think are so easy, others may think are tricky. And visa versa. The only difference is that you each have different weaknesses. There really aren’t any trick questions!

I am told questions in level 2 will most likely be like level 2 questions, not level 1.

There are no – repeat, _ NO _ – tricky questions on the CFA exams.


There are subtle questions galore, and questions designed to determine whether you really, _ really _ know the material, but there are no tricks; if you know the material cold, and you can answer questions quickly, you’ll pass the test.